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Who invented Hockey?

Researches on the early record of the game confirm that Hellenistic cultures played a related game known as Keritizin. The game was very like field hockey. There are also reports… Read more »

Who invented Gymnastics?

The past of gymnastics started in ancient Greece. Its real discoverer is a secret, but it was very common among Greeks. However, it was the effort of Friedrich Jahn in… Read more »

Who invented American Football?

Football coach and a sports journalist Walter C. Camp invented American football in 1876. He discovered the regulations to football in the year 1879. Afterward other types of football progressed… Read more »

Who invented Baseball?

The well-promoted tale regarding the invention of the exciting game ‘baseball’ is that Abner Doubleday discovered it in the year 1839. This story was given the official stamp of authorization… Read more »